The Hijiyama Project


The Hijiyama Project represented my first attempts at music production, songwriting and arranging. My stubborn insistence on using purely open source software left me just strumming the guitar for a few years.

Vocals: Sumi (Kim Ching Mi)
All Music: Hamish Low

It was released under a Creative Commons license, and through some little labels that probably no longer exist - Cocohippo in Sweden and CCT Records in the UK- and tracks were subsequently used on a couple of documentaries in the US - one called Crime Scene Cleaners, and another about the pre-internet days of Bulletin Boards. I even made a little money through digital downloads. Beginner's Luck maybe...

Every Second Second was a gift to my dear friend Alicia.

As the World is Warming was used by some guy in Tasmania called Warren for a Climate Change-themed music video. It's probably somewhere on Youtube...

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.