Something Beginning with L...

October 2009

Massive thanks to Dave for illustrating this. We produced this for a competition in the Observer Magazine who neither gave us neither mention, nor polite reply.

A few months ago I had a sudden and inexplicable desire to eat fish and chips. Though I was unable to find a takeaway place during the half-hour I was in the grip of this irrational desire I dreamt that night that I was choking. I had to reach my arms down my throat and try to untangle this mess of nylon line. I finally had to pull a fish hook through my lower lip and the pain woke me up. I never have nightmares, but this was truely disturbing. Moral of the story: don't even think about it.

Know anyone who may like to publish this? Please let me know.

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.