La Selva

So here it is, roughly in the same state, but finished. I decided to paint a picture in black and white to keep the parameters simple while I learn about technique. I have much to learn, and I'm not precious about painting, or poetry for that matter, but fairly happy with the result.

Occasionally I see a tree that I am in awe of. A tree that evokes a sense of presence. This tree is somewhere on a hillside, otherwise denuded of trees, above San Bosco de Ciudad de Colón in Costa Rica. The painting is nothing like the photograph of the tree, merely the point of departure. But this is exactly why painting as a medium is still, and will always remain relevant: there is an emotional and imaginative participation in the creation of the image beyond direct representation. That's not to say that the same is not true for photography as an art form, but the process is different.

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.