As you are the only person ever to have visited this site I feel like I owe you some kind of explanation...

I built this site as a reminder to myself to spend more time creating. It exists as an incentive for me to finish things and to post failed experiments, sketches and fragments that happen along the way. All of this is mostly for my own benefit - to give me something of a sense of progress.

I'm forever starting new projects. I have written hundreds of songs, all unfinished and now forgotten; I have a 100,000 word unassembled jigsaw of a novel in my laptop; and the poetry which used to pour through me seems to be more of a river, less like lightning. This portfolio is an attempt to keep the creative part of my mind alive.

It also represents a learning curve. I have started painting again and in the process I've realise that I know nothing about paint. I've been playing guitar for years (self-taught) and realise I know so little about the instrument or even music and its structure as a whole. I've always approached everything with a disdain for structure, process or practise.

Writing is a journey. It is the destination.
Anything that comes afterwards is about sharing, nothing more.
It is important not to confuse the side-effects with the medication, the consequences with the immediate and everpresent,
the after-shocks with the earthquake,
the foam on the shore with the wave.

I am fortunate enough to have had some confirmation from the world (and a lot of encouragement from friends) to continue my creative pursuits though everyone is artist really. I won some minor short story competitions and have had a few things published. A play (Pop Art Tragedy) that I wrote at 18 was produced - the play was juvenilia really, ridiculous stuff but some people laughed at the terrible jokes and it was an amazing experience to see characters from my imagination come alive on stage. I self-published a hypertext Napalm for a Calmer Heart in 2000 which in in the vaguest of terms is a testament to a particularly tricky period of my life. I had a great band with friends in Japan, (Silence Front), and in New Zealand (Near Sky Project) yet neither project got as far as recording, or perhaps we were too disorganised. But with friends and through my own experimentation I've learned enough about audio production to throw some early tracks out into the ether (Hijiyama Project). I've recently started a new audio project (Central Plateau) and have a long list of potential collaborators to work with once I've found the core of my sound.

So now I'm going back to basics, learning piano from scratch and building my knowledge of the mathematics of music, and hopefully cultivating the discipline required to conquer the long and difficult form of the novel.
By then this archive will hopefully be a record of the journey because it's not that you ever get there.
It's more about being aware.
Art is about finding what we can share
so I hope you find something here to take away...

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.