There are no corners on this table. It's as if they thought I hurt myself on the corners. It is white and like the chair, bolted to the white floor. The room has no corner either, though noone hurt themselves on the corner of a room. All the walls are white and the lights are bright and set into the ceiling. There is no­light switch. There are also no­windows and no­door. These are the first thoughts on the first day.

I close my eyes for a split second and it's as black as the room is white. I can tell if or how long I've slept. The room is almost anechoic, I can hear my heart beating, blood pulsing through my head. I was really happy when I arrive, I feel lucky. Just wait in there, they said. So here I am, waiting. I thought they meant waiting tables. True this is easier, but without the tips. But this is too­Old Mind. Learn. Still, no complaints from this customer, can't say much for the food though, there isn't any. I feel lucky to be here. I feel accomplishment, I'm pretty good at this. They say I must lose my I, I try, sorry. try.

There is no Sorry. Have the strangest dream last night. Dream that this room is inside. Located right behind heart and veins stretch out like city streets and it is always night, blood cells running red lights and the sky is cracked and burning and bleeding. The sun is heavy, dead, hanging over. Upon wake everything feels the same, yet feel different which is the same. Have new memories, a whiter, brighter smile. Don't need to travel because Be already there.

The building is called Zion and houses everyone on earth. Everyone left on earth after the Cleansing. It was more efficient, they said, and safer for everyone to live in one building. It was built to the dimensions in the book of Revelation. The book that made all others obsolete. It is white and seamless, a shining giant cube with enough space for everyone, with walls so thick and white and bright that the Cleansing wipe away everything else and only Zion is. There are no windows so Forget the silent sorrow of Past. To not sense that electricity, that anticipation of Future, the touch of sunlight from that corrupt and dying star, that false and failing sun. To be Present, wrapped in individual parcels of light in white bright rooms. With a table and a chair. To absorb all the nutrients we need through the air. For without change there is no time and space itself will collapse. No outside and no inside and only Zion. I am losing my No. It is good to lose one's No. There is only Yes.

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.