Wishing Well


I wish to meet you
at the point where
all things connect

to breathe
without hesitation
with arms open
to the traffic
the rain
the insane

to live
with urgency
with grace
to taste
every kiss
every leaf
every sound of summer

I want vapour trails
shining in silver seams
spreading across the sky

I want to feel
the soft curve of the earth
beneath our feet
to lie in the tall grass
beneath the trees
and make of the summer
a möbius strip

tease our clothes away
with the magic of my tongue and
your tongue
make memory glow
and form
suspended in the air like incense

to let the sunset flood the sky
and burn away the day
for the stars to come and
I wish to die
a thousand little deaths in your arms

this is a list of my demands

I want you to understand that I'm not crazy
just possessed

I want you to sense the imminence
of all that is possible
and how tightly
it is wrapped
inside the present

I want to demonstrate how easy it is
to unwrap
a midnight awareness
a slight transcendence

how easy it is
to float
to fly
to dream
to feel the moon waxing
and the wind
our ally
running through the reeds

I want to hear
how music bleeds
from trees at dawn

to let it condense like dew
on you
on me

I want the ripples in reality
to carry this wish to your ear
to wish you here
or wherever
you wish

I wish
you felt
the same

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.