whenever you wish

we walked to the park
sat on a bench in the sun
and traced a path through a weekend of
certain yet aimless intent

we connect through silver threads
unseen syllables and signs
messages, guesses I guess

I find a record
Shostakovich Symphony 5
the first movement is best and I listen to it
again and again and again

I wait for you in a bar
and visible in the mirror
and across the road
old drinkers huddle and cradle cans
on the church steps under a fluorescent cross
through a blur of car and bus

I’m in a garden, standing around a fire,
thinking of desire and time travel and all the possibilities inherent
I’m told to let life guide me
to not hold to any plan so tightly
that I can’t change my mind

you text me from work to tell me it’s snowing
but you’re dreaming
it’s only rain caught in streetlight
gentle yet barely visible
drifting slowly to the earth

the whole night my body ached
and I lost all control
and I felt stupid and weak
and human
most of all, human

I wandered like a sage through ancient Japan
and traced the journey on a map with a fingertip
and dived back into dreams

I meditated in a temple with the screens open to the summer night
the full moon through the bamboo
candles flickering
a gentle offering
a quiet smile

we awoke to traffic and the jets,
light lines of rain glazing down the glass
‘the city is sick’, you say,
‘could you spend your whole life here?’
people come here for a year
and time disappears
the decades collapse
We’ll escape when the time is right
when the time is right

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.