September has neither beginning nor end
the story starts whenever we meet
there is no need for haste
though we hurtle through space
in circles round the sun
before the cascade of thoughts
floods your waking mind
there are more days in a month
than you might imagine
in the city
a couple kiss in the corner of a cafe
an embrace
a smile
he leaves and she observes
her reflection in the glass
the passing cars
her hands clasped as if in prayer
use these words in their widest sense
prayer is an acknowledgment
of the interdependence of everything
and the agency of intention
of co-creation
try not to anticipate
or prematurely interpret
make a conscious choice
to never make any decision based on fear
observe patiently the beauty in the world around you
let it become you
listen to the wind in the trees and what it whispers
the new moon and the first star
cultivate a sense of the sublime
tell me about the edge of time
wherever you are
you are there
see beauty everywhere
document the details
the floating forests
clouds that pass us by
the bamboo that shivers in the sun
the eternity of a traffic light changing
the glow of tessellated plastic
from red to amber to green
a ripple of lightning across the night sky
the change in the air after the storm
the calm that settles on your sleeping skin
tell me your dreams, your fears, your failings
and i will trace you a map
pay attention to shooting stars
the bursts of light
the fragments of thought
that flicker through your beautiful mind
the lone light of a candle through a window
of a house in a dense wood on a dark night
maintain clarity of consciousness
a thread of words
hidden in dictionaries
in distant libraries
the gentle hypnosis of headlights
fireflies and fenceposts
white silhouettes
the dream logic
how much we think we know
how little we fully understand
dreams are contortions
ripples in time
place becomes more of a quality
less of a certainty
the trees barely notice us
and dreams linger
parallel to reality
time is a crystal
pick up a pen
there is poetry here
waiting to be cut from the air
the falling rain
the thirsty earth
flashes of kindness in the eyes of strangers
the everyday miracles that surround us
karmic seismic syntax
how words
in coincidental combinations
can unlock new meaning
how the jets
are always leaving or landing
how air turbulence
is life-affirming
once the heart returns to its regular rhythm
we are lying on a beach
palms against the stars in silhouette
here, in September, winter is a myth
snow exists only in theory
this is a clue, so that you may find me
should you choose to
dream your way into my dreams
when we kiss
lightning spills across the sky
and the air is replaced by rain
the forests
the rolling hills
let the words
vanish in the night sky
hold silence
between the palms of your hands
and listen to the light
that hovers
that shimmers
in your heart
always it will
show you
the way

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.