all I remember is the distance in her eyes
the greenest I´d seen them
that sunny afternoon

and the morning light
wet pebbles on paths
the clouds spilling silently
over the ridge of the lipline
the sky smiling into the valley

i sleep under a forcefield
my body rejuvenating at night
hair growing at an outrageous pace

today, lunch with the shinto priests
and a visit to the police
station with a large bag of weed
music in a saccharine wash over the street

i placed a blue candle in the shrine of the Virgen Rosa Mística
and lit the wick
a prayer for true love
and safety in the year ahead

i remember
letting go
the loose way one must hold language
in order for poetry to appear
or rather
how to be here

El mundo se mueve
En círculos
Trazados en vaho y neblina
En días de llovizna y nubes
Que se suspenden
Llenas de círculos para caer
En techos y sueños
Y charcos
En círculos perfectos

that night i dreamt i was with Tammy and Emil in Istanbul
they were both emaciated and addicted
to heroin
Emil was writing a book
i was trying to help them but they stole everything I had
the ideas for the book

embrace lucidity
the open arc of the sky
the memory of the mountain
every star is a sentinel

I haven´t seen Tammy or Emil
for at least a decade
now they live in Switzerland
with their child or children
and their restaurant or restaurants
they are good people
what this dream might mean
I have no idea

I saw the silhouette of horses with riders
galloping through the mist
a book I sent to a friend
arrived at the perfect moment
at a perfect moment
all moments being perfect

all we have are maps
scraps of maps
once you get to a certain point
you´re on your own

it breaks my heart this place
how it has made
everything else
a dream

i´m beginning to understand
which is not to say that i understand,
only that i have an inkling

someone switches on an electric fan
the rain falls gently
and I walk up to the ridge
all the time conscious
that in every direction
there are stars
beyond the bleached sky
beyond the lava and magma
and under all the oceans
as far as you go
and even nearer than you know
there is a star

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.