(a poem for Alejandra
on the occasion of
a new circle
around the sun)

here i wish to share something of my revelation
on the surface it sounds like nothing
or something you’ve heard before
a string of words, distilled further into a string of syllables
this is the dilemma inherent in language. it is incomplete.

the universe is incomplete
expanding ever more rapidly
toward ends and means
invisible and unknowable

the mystery deepens,
broadens and embraces us
in webs of starlight

a record on a turntable,
lights strung between the trees,
a dance with you, my love
a summer night, a
a spectacular sunrise,
the voice of laughter, of children
of talents nurtured
of people who are unafraid to love
of music,
flowing through every vein of every leaf
and the bloom,
subtle slow and manifold
a cherry blossom supernova
all the rhythms and cadence of these seasons
with the curve of time these smiles become us

we are, the edge of this land
seedlings as they touch the soil
little pieces of the puzzle
falling into place

clouds tower above us
and fly by with an uneasy knowledge of the cascade
sunsets bleeding through the skies above us
the becoming of something new

we spend days under the spell of the sound of the sea
and see the full moon pull free
from the hills
the edge of the day burning away
the clouds, rhythmic, torn and worn, forlorn

the infinite threads, those that bind the galaxy
and those that bind you and me
the calligraphy, in trails of pixels, lines of light
the sky map slowly shifting
the outer limit of the stars
thoughtforms spinning in the cosmos
symbolic logic and matter incandescent

we are astounded and surrounded by beauty
time is dissolving
a new era awaits

This work by Hamish Low is licensed under CC BY-NC 4.0 For any other usage of this work, please get in contact.